Our organisation encourages the participation of volunteers who support our vision and mission. We are always happy to host and work with volunteers across the world especially volunteers who are willing to work directly with community beneficiaries at community grassroots.

People with different passions, skills and desires are welcome to work with us. Opportunities range from organisation systems development and community based projects.

Volunteers are advised to choose areas of their choice according to passion, skills, desire and profession.

Organisation Systems Strengthening

– Programs
– Fundraising
– Advocacy and Communications
– Policies and plans

Community Based Projects

– Public Health Education
a) Community mobilization & sensitization on prevention of common diseases.
b) Medical Camps for screening, testing and treatment of common illnesses.
– Ending child marriages and Teenage pregnancies and promoting gender equality.
– Training youths (boys and girls) in Sports, Music, Dance and Drama.
– School debates/outreaches on communication skills, prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections.
– Greening Africa through tree planting and community sensitization
– Youth Profile Project (Using role models, champions, icons, speakers among others.
– Technical Skills Development ( Vegetable farming, Bakery, tailoring, and crafts)
– Sustainable Development Goals Awareness project in schools and religious institutions.